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Universal Laser ILS9.75 Laser System
Universal Laser ILS9.75 Laser System

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ULS ILS9.75 Laser System Complete Package
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Description Features Technical Specs

The ILS9.75 Laser Platform is designed for laser material processing in a wide variety of production environments. Flexible enough to be installed as a standalone system or integrated into an automated manufacturing line, the ILS 9.75 is an excellent choice for non-tool prototype production and is used in research and development facilities around the world. The ILS9.75 offers a material processing envelope of 36" x 24" x 12", (914 x 610 x 305mm), the ILS9.75 can be equipped with two lasers ranging in power from 10-75 watts to give you processing power from 10-150 watts..

Laser Interface+ software is the worlds Most Advanced, Powerful and Flexible Laser Print Driver for Material Processing systems! Giving you the choice of automatic or manual control over power, speed, pulses per inch and other system settings. Laser Interface+, combined with the Universal Control Panel (UCP), gives you complete control over your laser processing system.

Rapid Reconfiguration™ allows users to adapt their laser materials processing solution to match their ever-changing business needs – no tools or special training required. At its core, Rapid Reconfiguration allows users to very simply install and reinstall any ULS laser source onto any ULS laser system. On other laser systems, the task of changing laser sources can be complicated and dangerous and can cause several days of downtime.

1-Touch Laser Photo is an exclusive ULS software application that allows you to quickly and easily make almost any photograph laser engravable. It applies special filters to your image and adjusts the contrast and definition appropriately for the material being processed. Using the software is as simple as selecting your target material from a list and cropping, resizing, rotating or mirroring the image as needed.

High Power Density Focusing Optics HPDFO™uses a patented method to expand the laser beam within the focusing carriage. This expansion allows the beam to be focused into a much smaller focal spot, suitable for intricate, tight-tolerance engraving and for direct marking on some metals. In addition to sharper images and expanded material processing capability, systems using HPDFO benefit from lighter-weight delivery optics and an efficient motion system .

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ILS9.75 Intro Video
Complete Packages
The Universal Laser ILS9.75 Package includes everything you need to get started immediately.

  • Universal Laser ILS9.75 Platform
  • 2 Universal Laser Cartridges - Dual Setup
  • Universal Control Panel Software
  • Laser Interface+ Software
  • Laser Material Starter Kit
  • Onsite Setup and Training
Universal Laser Systems ILS9.75 Specs:
  • Work Area: 24" x 12" x 12"
  • Maximum Part Size: 40.5"W x 30"D x 12"H
  • Laser Options: 10,25,30,40,50,60,75 Watts
  • Configured for Dual Laser: 10-150 Watts
  • Size: 57" Wide x 46" Deep x 44" Height
  • PC Connection: USB 2.0
  • Power: 220-240V / 16A 2 Laser
  • Weight: 400lbs
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Message from Universal Laser Systems
All Universal Laser Systems are custom built to ensure the right system is configured to best fit your current and future needs. All accessories and lasers use interchangeable components, giving you the ability to tailor your custom built system for different applications.

Request Universal Laser Systems Demo
Request Universal Laser Systems Demo

Prototyping with Laser Systems
Prototyping with Universal Laser Systems

Make faster decisions and reduce proofing costs.
Packaging Developments & Prototyping
Packaging Development with Universal Laser Systems

Create new packaging without dies or tools.
Signage and Point-of-Purchase Displays
Making Signage with Universal Laser Systems

Produce high detail signage with a wide variety of materials
General Manufacturing with Laser Systems
General Manufacturing with Universal Laser Systems

Cost-effective non-contact prototyping and production, no tooling required."
Architectural 3D Modeling and Prototyping
Architectural Modeling: 3D and Rapid Prototyping with Universal Laser Systems

Quickly create intricate 3D models in a wide variety of real materials.
Woodworking Projects with Laser Systems
Woodworking with Universal Laser Systems

Cut, mark, image and engrave with the same machine.
Laser Material Processing Guide

Want to learn more about the ILS9.75 and Digital Laser Material Processing?

Download our Free ILS9.75 Digital Laser Material Processing Guide.

Inside you can learn about:
  • Universal ILS9.75 Laser Cutting Materials...
  • Universal ILS9.75 Laser Marking Materials...
  • Universal ILS9.75 Laser Engraving Materials...
  • Universal ILS9.75 Laser Photo Imaging....
  • And a whole lot more...
Vacuum Forming Guide
Laser Material Processing Guide Cover
Laser Materials
Universal Laser Systems can process thousands of materials in ways traditional methods cannot.
Listed below are some of the materials you can successfully process with your Universal Laser System.

ILS9.75 Brochure
ULS ILS9.75 Brochure

Want to learn more about the Universal Laser ILS9.75?

Download the Universal Laser ILS9.75 Brochure.

Inside you can learn about:
  • Universal ILS9.75 System Features...
  • Universal ILS9.75 System Specifications...
  • Universal ILS9.75 Power Requirements...
  • Universal ILS9.75 Dimensions....
  • And a whole lot more...
ULS ILS9.75 Brochure

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