Architectural Modeling: 3D and Rapid Prototyping with Universal Laser Systems
Quickly create intricate 3D models in a wide variety of real materials.

Universal Laser Systems (ULS) offers laser systems capable of producing 3D models and prototypes much faster than any 3D printer on the market. Laser systems can process thousands of materials in ways traditional methods or 3D printers cannot. Create highly-detailed, three-dimensional, scale models that accurately represent form and space. Lasers also allow you to add dimension and texture by engraving and surface scribing materials. It is as simple as creating a CAD drawing or other graphical file, processing the artwork with the laser system and assembling the finished 3D model. From rapid prototyping to production, laser material processing can be used to improve your product design and optimize your manufacturing.

Here are a few real-world examples showing what multi-material laser processing can do:

General Manufacturing

Laser engraved acrylic microfluidic channel

Laser cut Neoprene gaskets

Package Development

Laser cut cardstock package

Laser cut and engraved Mylar® package

Paper Crafts & Goods

Laser cut and engraved architectural model

Laser engraved and cut wood

Architectural Models

Laser cut and engraved architectural model
Presentations take on a new look when created with laser processing. Produce realistic, precision-cut, scale models in-house, quickly and easily. Scribe or cut mat board, acrylics, plastics, wood, paper and most non-metals with clean and defined edges.

This information applies to the following laser cutter, laser engraver, laser marking systems:
Universal Laser Systems VLS2.30
Universal Laser Systems VLS3.50
Universal Laser Systems VLS3.60
Universal Laser Systems VLS4.60
Universal Laser Systems VLS6.60
Universal Laser Systems PLS4.75
Universal Laser Systems PLS6.75
Universal Laser Systems PLS6.150D
Universal Laser Systems PLS6MW
Universal Laser Systems ILS9.75
Universal Laser Systems ILS9.150D
Universal Laser Systems ILS12.75
Universal Laser Systems ILS12.150D
Universal Laser Systems XLS10.150D
Universal Laser Systems XLS10MWH
ULS VLS 2.30
ULS VLS 3.50
ULS VLS 3.60
ULS VLS 4.60
ULS VLS 6.60
ULS PLS 4.75
ULS PLS 6.75
ULS PLS 6.150D
ULS ILS 9.75
ULS ILS 9.150D
ULS ILS 12.75
ULS ILS 12.150D
ULS XLS 10.150D