Rubber Modification

Rubber is an excellent material for laser cutting and engraving. Intricate art and text can be quickly and easily laser engraved to produce rubber stamps, without chemicals. Universal Laser Systems feature a "rubber stamp mode" which allows for adjustable shoulders.

Rubber Stamps
Use a Universal Laser System to produce rubber gaskets, security and address stamps, and more. Rubber is a great material for laser engraving and cutting as you can perform precision cuts at very tight tolerances. Universal laser system software features a "rubber stamp mode" which allows for adjustable shoulders. Pad printing plates can also be produced with a laser system.

Difficult-to-counterfeit official seals are crucial for corporate notary and security applications. Universal Laser Systems can cut and engrave seals to much tighter tolerances than chemical methods.

Produce gaskets from a wide variety of materials using a Universal Laser System.