Woodworking with Universal Laser Systems
Cut, mark, image and engrave with the same machine.

Use a Universal Laser System (ULS) to process wood without having to sharpen or replace tools. Universal Laser Systems can streamline your manufacturing because the same Universal Laser System can cut, engrave, image and mark a wide variety of hard and soft woods. They can also be used to add inlays or engravings to finished items.

Custom Woodworking

From custom woodworking to the production line, Universal Laser Systems has a solution to meet your business needs. Expand your business by offering custom engraving and inlay on cabinet doors and other home furnishings. Universal's patented Pass-Through option (available on ILS models) gives you the ability to process items of unlimited length for jobs that need more elbow room.

Laser cut wood puzzle boxes

Wood Inlay

Laser engraved chopsticks and sushi set with laser cut mother of pearl
Create unique effects and add value to finished products with custom inlay on wood. Mother of pearl can be cut and then inlaid into engraved wood to create a high-value item, whether its a gift box, coaster or cabinet door.

Cutting and Engraving

Use a Universal Laser System to perform intricate cutting and engraving quickly and accurately. The high-resolution engraving possible with a laser simply cannot be done with competing methods. Checkering on gunstocks, for example, is a relatively simple process for a laser system.


3D laser engraved wood gunstock with checkering pattern

3D Wood Engraving

3D laser engraved and cut wood
Universal's 3D feature can turn grayscale images into three-dimensional engravings on wood.