General Manufacturing with Universal Laser Systems
Cost-effective non-contact prototyping and production, no tooling required.

Universal Laser Systems (ULS) are a non-contact solution for many general manufacturing applications. Take an idea from design to finished product in one step and quickly introduce and evaluate changes in a production environment. Because Universal Laser Systems are non-contact, there is no need to maintain tools or compensate for continual tool wear.

Medical Devices

Laser engraved acrylic microfluidic channel
Universal offers permanent, non-contact, precision laser marking and cutting solutions for medical device manufacturers. Prototyping, channel etching and identification, cutting filter media, and degating are some of the applications available with a laser system. Universal Laser Systems can be used to engrave microfluidic channels into acrylic for laboratory use.

See Medical Disclaimer Below...

With a Universal Laser System you can produce gaskets from a wide variety of materials including rubber, cork and plastic.

Laser cut rubber, silicone and cork gaskets

Automotive Parts

Laser marked anodized aluminum housing
Laser mark interior automotive parts for part identification, lot traceability and personalization.

Low Volume Production
Create templates with a laser system to hold identification tags or name plates in place for low-volume laser marking and production. A laser system provides flexibility for producing items in large quantities as well as small lot sizes and single pieces.
Laser cut Neoprene gaskets

Control Panels

Laser marked anodized aluminum electrical diagram
Laser systems are great tools for etching control panels and instruments, as well as gauge faces and covers.