Fabric and Leather Modification

Cutting fabric with a laser produces "sealed" seams without fraying. Multiple layers of fabric can be laser cut into designs that are impossible to achieve with traditional cutting methods. Fabric can also be laser engraved to produce unique effects.

Stahls' Thermal Films for Apparel Decoration
Laser users can easily integrate thermal films into their business to customize T-shirts, athletic uniforms, stretchable garments, fashion wear and promotional items. For a free sample, complete the contact form at the right and in the comments put Stahls' T-Shirt Sample

Fabric Types

Denim, satin, silk, suede, vinyl, twill, nylon, Kevlar, polyester and more.

Fabric, Leather and Engraving

Laser engraved microfiber
Universal laser systems can engrave fabric and leather, creating unique effects that add value to the items you sell. Leather can be customized with logos, text, artwork and more. Textiles such as microsuede and microfiber look exceptionally unique when laser engraved.

Fabric Cutting and Multi-Layer Applique

Generate new revenue and higher margins by keeping fabric cutting in-house. Universal makes it easy to quickly and accurately cut multiple layers of twill applique in one job. Other fabrics such as denim, leather and felt can be laser cut with precision and no frayed edges.

Laser cut, multi-layer twill applique

This information applies to the following laser cutter, laser engraver, laser marking systems:
Universal Laser Systems VLS2.30
Universal Laser Systems VLS3.50
Universal Laser Systems VLS3.60
Universal Laser Systems VLS4.60
Universal Laser Systems VLS6.60
Universal Laser Systems PLS4.75
Universal Laser Systems PLS6.75
Universal Laser Systems PLS6.150D
Universal Laser Systems PLS6MW
Universal Laser Systems ILS9.75
Universal Laser Systems ILS9.150D
Universal Laser Systems ILS12.75
Universal Laser Systems ILS12.150D
Universal Laser Systems XLS10.150D
Universal Laser Systems XLS10MWH
ULS VLS 2.30
ULS VLS 3.50
ULS VLS 3.60
ULS VLS 4.60
ULS VLS 6.60
ULS PLS 4.75
ULS PLS 6.75
ULS PLS 6.150D
ULS ILS 9.75
ULS ILS 9.150D
ULS ILS 12.75
ULS ILS 12.150D
ULS XLS 10.150D