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Roland JWX-30 Jewelry CAD/CAM System
Roland JWX-30 Jewelry CAD/CAM System

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Roland JWX-30 Complete Package
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The Roland JWX-30 has been discontinued.

The Roland JWX-30 was replaced by the
NEW Roland MDX-50

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The Roland JWX-30 has been discontinued check out our new Roland NEW MDX-50 Jewelry Milling Package. The New Roland MDX-50 is available now!

Imagine. Design. Create.
Itís just that easy with the Roland JWX-30 jewelry model maker. This complete jewelry model making solution comes complete with powerful design software that allows you to create detailed 3D models that clients can review from every angle. From these files, the 4 axis desktop mill automatically produces intricate wax models of beautifully crafted rings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks.

The JWX-30 includes design software but it also works with industry standard jewelry design programs like Rhino3D, Techgems, RhinoGold, Gemvision Matrix, Solidworks, 3Design, JewelCad, JewelSpace and any other 3D design program that exports STL file types. If you do not have a design program check out JewelStudio.

JWX-30 Advantage
The Roland JWX-30 jewelry model maker takes the hard work out of making models. Since it is a fourth generation jewelers mill it address the items that clients asked for in the previous machines. The JWX-30 is 100% self calibrating which means you don't have to set the fixtures up manually, the JWX-30 comes with a small touch probe that you load into the machine and the probe comes over and touches all the fixtures to automatically set up the machine for the type of milling you are going to do. Want to do something else, just change the fixture and press setup and it will probe the next item. This is the #1 most requested enhancement by users of all jewelry milling machines. The JWX-30 is the only machine on the market that does this. See our online videos to see how this works.

JWX-30 Creates:
Class Rings, Wedding Rings, Anniversary Rings, Three Stone Rings, Bracelets, Bracelet Charms, Necklace Pendants, Personalized Rings, Personalized Charms, Findings, Mountings, Pearl Enhancers, Tie Tacks, Settings, Broaches, Pave Settings, Badges, and a whole lot more.

With every JWX-30 we sell we include everything you need to get started making jewelry. We include all the standard items from the factory plus:

  • Machine Tool Kit (All the tools you need to operate and maintain the machine)
  • Integrated Fixtures (Fixture Kit, complete fixture kit to hold wax to produce models)
  • Wax Carving Tools (The tool the JWX-30 uses to carve the wax, we include 3 of the standard tool just in case you have an accident and 1 additional high detail tool.)
  • JWX-30 Quick Start Training Guide (Teaches step by step how to setup and operate the machine)
Buyer's Guide
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  • Why the JWX-30 is the most advanced Jewelry CAD/CAM system in the world...
  • How to create designs and manufacture them with the JWX-30...
  • And a whole lot more...
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