PDI Round Material - Dental Fixture
PDI Roland Round Material / Dental Fixture System

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PDI Round Material - Dental Wax Fixture System
The PDI Round Material Fixture allows you to hold round material on any Roland or other ordinary 4 axis milling machine. The fixture mounts directly to any Roland 4th axis unit. It can also be used directly with any milling system using a 3 or 4 jaw chuck. So you can convert, Minitech, Sherline, Techno, Haas, Fadal, Modelmaster, and a variety of other systems into a dental milling system.


  • Accepts standard 98mm disks with or without a band
  • Works with all materials
  • Tool less material install (Easy thumb screws lock material in place)
  • Works on all Roland 4th axis units.
  • Works with all 3 jaw or 4 jaw chuck milling systems.
  • Comes with spacers for materials that do not have the band.

How It Works
The PDI Round Material Fixture allows you to hold standard 98mm material dental disks. Using a simple tool less approach the fixture holds the material securely in place while cutting. Based on the thickness of the material and whether or not it has a band you will choose a spacer and slip it into the fixture. Using a disk with a band you will use the 5mm spacer for all thicknesses. Disks without a band you will choose between the 5mm, 4mm, or 2mm spacer. Once the spacer is inserted you simply place your disk into the fixture and tighten the thumb screws. 2 locations in the back of the fixture have 2 pointed tip set screws that protrude into the interior of the fixtures slightly. The pointed set screws and the thumb screws grip the material with plenty of force to hold it in place while cutting. By not having to use allen wrenches and screws the change out of material is very simple, and there is not any screws to lose. The fixture and spacers are made of aluminum and can be used to cut wax, PMMA, zirconia as well as other dental lab materials a variety of materials.

Disk / Material Compatibility
The PDI Dental CAD/CAM Fixture System accepts standard 98mm disks with or without the 10mm band. We have included pictures above that shows how the spacers work with the materials. You can use any materials that are used in denatl lab environment with the fixtures.

CAM Software Compatibility
  • SUM3D Dental
  • 3Shape Cambridge
  • Picasoft Mayka Dental
  • Delcam DentMill
  • Work NC Dental
  • EdgeCAM
  • MasterCAM
  • Mecsoft Visual Mill
  • And others...

We do not sell any Dental Lab CAM software.

The PDI Dental CAD/CAM Fixture System works with all Dental Specific CAD/CAM programs as well as non-dental CAD/CAM software programs. The fixture also works with Roland's proprietary software. The main difference between the dental specific CAD/CAM software's and non dental specific is the ability to nest models and strategies for dental milling. If you have a program that you would like to know if it would work with contact us and we will help you out. but the fixture will work with all CAD/CAM programs.

Dental Design Software Compatibility
  • 3Shape
  • Dental Wings
  • Exocad
  • Laser Denta
  • Evirsa
  • Dental Shaper
  • Freeform Dental
  • Rhino3D
  • Solidworks
  • Autocad
  • And others...
We do not sell any Dental Design software.
We do not sell any Dental 3D Scanners.

The PDI Dental CAD/CAM Fixture System works with all Dental Specific Design programs as well as non-dental design software programs. If you have a program that you would like to know if it would work with contact us and we will help you out. The fixture will work with all design programs.

CNC Machine

  • Roland MDX-40A
  • Roland MDX-50
  • Roland MDX-540
  • Milling Systems with 3 or 4 jaw chuck
  • Minitech
  • Techno Isel
  • ModelMaster
  • Sherline
  • And others...

The fixture should be able to be used with all CNC machinery. The only concern you should have is if the 4th axis has enough clearance for the fixture to flip. You need a minimum of 2.5 inches. The fixture is 4.5in wide. Other then that you should be able to mount the fixture via one of the mounting methods, if you have any questions let us know and we will make sure it will work for your machine.

Whats Included
See Picture of Included Items Above...

  • PDI Round Material Fixture - Single Unit
  • 5mm Spacer
  • 4mm Spacer
  • 2mm Spacer
  • 3 Hex Mounting Screws
  • Spare Mounting Screw
  • Spare Material Locking Thumb Screw
  • Install Guide and Instructions

Advanced Mounting Info
If you do not want to use your 3 or 4 jaw chuck you can make a simple adapter plate to attach the fixture to the 4th axis of your choice. We include the mounting hole diagram for the fixture.

If you are an OEM we can supply the fixture with the correct mounting plate to attach to your system. Contact us for details.

Double Fixture Setup
Buy 2 fixtures and get the second at 25% discount. Use 2 fixtures to create a double disk system. We will pre-assemble or supply you with the pins and screws to pin and screw the 2 fixtures together.

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