Roland MDX-50 Self Centering Vise
Roland MDX-50 Desktop CNC Milling Machine Self Centering Vise

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Roland MDX-50 Self Centering Vise
The Self Centering Vice is used to make cutting 2+ sided parts much easier. Using the MDX-50 to make large 2 sided parts (that do not fit on the 4th axis) can be an intimidating task. You have to learn the procedure of milling the part on 1 side then drill the holes and use the alignment pins to flip the part. With the Self Centering Vice a novice can use the advance techniques immediately and without apprehension.

The maximum work-piece dimensions are X 13.7" (348mm) x Y 7.8" (198mm)

Use with the Roland MDX-50, MDX-40A, MDX-40, MDX-540

How it works
  1. Install the self centering vice.
  2. Use SRP Player or Modela Player 4 just like you normally would to setup a part to be cut on 2 sides.
  3. Load the material and adjust the right side of the vice so that the material fits inside the jaws.
  4. Tighten the vice to hold the material.
  5. Cut the first side of your part.
  6. Side one finished - loosen the jaws and flip the part over.
  7. Cut the second side of your part.
  8. Finished

Because the jaws move to the center as you turn the tightening knob the part is aligned correctly from side one to side two. This prevents the workpiece from becoming misaligned. So you get perfect parts every time.

Included Items
Self Centering Vice
Stainless Steel Bar (used for tightening the jaws)
4mm Hex Key
2 Blocks of high density machining foam
1 Data CD
1 Printed Tutorial

You will drill 2 holes into the table that will be used to align the vice with the machine accurately. The vice has 2 positioning pins pre-installed that will fit down into the holes. This normally takes about 10 minutes. Once this is complete you are ready to use the vice.

The Self Centering Vice comes with a training manual. It has 5 separate tutorials that walk you through how to install the vice, add a work piece, and then how to mill out a part in various software programs. You will start and go through a practice project with one of the included pieces of material. Then you can use that knowledge to create your own projects.