Roland SRP Player Software

Roland's MDX rapid prototyping machines come complete with SRP Player Software to prepare your CAD model for RP manufacturing with no programming skills required.

This short video shows just how easy it is to go from your design file to a finished prototype.

Step 1 - Design

Create your design in your favorite 3D software and then export your 3D CAD model as an .STL, .DXF, .3DM, or .IGS/.IGES file.

Step 2 - Import

Open the file in Roland SRP Player software and simply use the five-step wizard to process the data for your Roland MDX rapid prototyping machine. You don't have to worry about feeds and speeds, cut depth, surface selection or G-Code programming: SRP Player does it all for you!

Step 3 - Mill

SRP Player automatically generates machine tool paths and a finished preview. Just click Send to Machine to mill a prototype with smooth surfaces and tight tolerances from your choice of material.