What is fixtureless? An engineered system designed to allow you to make parts without needing any added fixtures, tooling or vises. It allows you to use off the shelf materials with no preparation required. This allows you to operate a CNC machine in an office for making prototypes, molds, jigs and production parts. No experience required!


Rotary Axis Unit

The rotary axis unit automates the milling process. The machine will mill the top, rotate the material and mill the bottom. Then if required rotate and mill front, back or other directions.

This allows you to make complicated 3D parts with features on all sides of the part. The rotary can also rotate the material to any angle 360 degrees to reach a feature at any angle.

Self Centering Vise

You load the material by inserting it in the self-centering vises. When you tighten the vise it positions the material into the correct cutting position.

In the SRP Player Software you enter the material thickness (Z) so the machine knows exactly where to begin cutting.

You enter the material length (X) and width (Y) so the machine knows where to locate the model in the workpiece.

Model Supports

The supports hold the model in position when milling it from the top, bottom, front and back and any angle 360 degrees. The supports are added to the model in the SRP Player software.

Automatic Tool Measurement

The automatic tool measurement eliminates the tedious work of doing tool touch offs. SRP Player gives you a minimum length to set your tools and then you just load your tools and start the process. The machine will measure the tools automatically for you.
Automatic Tool Measurement

Automatic Tool Changer

The 6 tool automatic tool changer allows the machine to start with larger tools for bulk material removal and then use smaller tools for detailed features.

The automatic tool changer handles the length differences between installed tools so you just start the job and come back when its finished.

Off The Shelf Material

The Roland CNC machines use off the shelf material with no material preparation required. You can reuse the same piece until it is used up.

SRP Player places the model in the center of the workpiece. This means the top and bottom surface of your material can be rough cut or out of square and your model still comes out to the exact size.

SRP Player Software comes preloaded with 16 materials so all you do is choose your material and the software sets the feeds, speeds and cut in amounts for you.

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Roland Desktop CNC Machine Sample Gallery

Roland Desktop Prototyping CNC Machine hi-resolution photo gallery of parts made on the machine. Select the image below or click here to go to the photo gallery.

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Roland Desktop CNC Machine Comparison

Choose machine based on maximum part build size and materials you plan to use.




Model Price Build Size Materials Options Notes
SRM-20 $4,995 8"x6"x2.4" Foams, plastics, wood Engraving, PC Board Kit,
G-Code supported, but not required
MDX-50 $10,995

15.8"x12"x5.32" with 4th axis;

Foams, plastics, wood, *light metals(brass, aluminum, copper) Automatic Tool Changer, 4th Axis, Rolling Table, PC Board Kit, Engraving Kit G-Code supported, but not required
MDX-540 $20,995

19.6"x15.7"x6.1" with 4th axis;

Foams, plastics, wood, light metals(brass, aluminum, copper) Automatic Tool Changer, 4th Axis, T-Slot Table, Rolling Table PC Board Kit, Cover, Engraving Kit G-Code supported, but not required