PC Board Prototyping Kit
Roland PC Board Prototyping Kit

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Included FREE with purchase of MDX-50 or SRM-20 from our company.

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PC Board CAM Software and Prototyping Kit
PC Board CAM software allows you to turn your MDX machine into a PC Board manufacturing solution. Using your PC Board designs from other PC Board Design packages you can import your manufacturing file into PC Board CAM and quickly and easily create the information the Roland MDX machines need to make your PC Boards.

Receive this software free
with purchase of Roland MDX-540, MDX-50, MDX-40A, SRM-20 from PDI3D only.
Contact [email protected] to learn how.

How It Works

PC Board CAM writes instructions for the Roland milling machine to create the PC board design. It works very easily and follows your design you created in your PC Board Design software. The MDX creates a circuit by engraving around each circuit path with a fine point tool onto conventional copper clad PCB board. This process is called isolation engraving. While not electronically necessary, it is also possible to remove the unused copper to provide an excellent "prototype" of a conventional printed circuit board. The software will also allow the holes to be drilled and the circuit board profile to be milled out. It is possible to take a fully finished board from the machine, engraved, drilled and ready to solder.

Step by Step Process
1. Import your file from your PC Board design software
2. Set your machine x,y origin reference
3. Calculate the contours (one button) to isolate your circuits
4. Save your cutting file
5. Send the cutting file to your machine

PC Board Prototyping Kit Included Items

PC Board CAM
Easy to use PC Board CAM software

PC Board Starter Tool Kit
Includes: Circuit Isolation Tool, Cut Out Tool, Drills

PC Board Starter Material Kit
Includes: 10 PCS Copper Clad Board

PC Board Base Table Kit
Includes: Reusable Base Table MDF, Brass Standoffs

PDI - Ebook
Where to Buy PC Board Tools and Materials Direct
Digital Delivery (pdf)

Setup Guide
Checklist and instructions to setup machine
Digital Delivery (pdf)

Training Guide
Training that shows you step by step how to use the system
Digital Delivery (pdf)

System Requirements
The software will run on any Windows system using Windows 95. 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Although the software can run on a computer with minimum resources for any of the operating systems, large drawings may benefit from a more powerful machine to improve speed.

Machine Compatibility
Use with the Roland MDX-540, MDX-50, MDX-40A, MDX-40, SRM-20, MDX-20, MDX-15

Software Compatibility
Gerber Scientific Instruments Flasher (*.GRR, *.GBR)
Ares Gerber File (*.TOP, *.BOT)
Eagle Gerber File (*.CMP, *.SOL)
Orcad Gerber File(*.TOP, *.BOT)
Osmond Gerber File (*.GRR, *.GBR)
Pads Gerber File (*.PHO, *.ART)
PCB-Wizard Gerber File (*.GB0, *.GB1)
Protoel Gerber File (*.GTL, *.GBL)
Win Typon-5 File (*.WT5)

The PC Board CAM Software comes with training materials. It is very easy to use and we recommend that if you will take an hour after you receive the product to click through all the buttons you will quickly learn what each is used for. If you need additional training you can schedule and purchase an online training session with us.

A download link and license file will be sent to the email address on file in 24-48 hours. The software will work without the license file, but will be limited to how many lines can be milled. All save functionality works so you can prepare files until the license code is received. The kit will ship 24-48 hours after the order has been received.

The software can be downloaded immediately after it is purchased.
Request immediate download email [email protected]