Long Reach Tool Kit
Long Reach Tool Kit
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This Long Reach Tool Kit is used for milling deeper into your workpiece. If you are a new user and have not used your machine and are still learning we recommend you use the Short Reach Tool Kit. These long reach tools are to be used when you have a specific application that requires deeper milling. These tools come pre-programmed in the SRP Player software for each of the machines. The sizes range from 1/8" to 1/32" so you are able to mill larger items as well as very small detailed items.

This kit is discounted with purchase of a machine.
Use with the Roland MDX-540SA, MDX-540S, MDX-540A, MDX-540, MDX-50, MDX-40A, MDX-40, SRM-20, MDX-20, MDX-15

These tools work for all the materials on the individual machines.

Included Items
Quantity 1 of each tool

1/4" Flat Long Reach Endmill
1/4" Ball Long Reach Endmill

1/8" Flat Long Reach Endmill
1/8" Ball Long Reach Endmill

1/16" Flat Long Reach Endmill
1/16" Ball Long Reach Endmill

1/32" Flat Long Reach Endmill
1/32" Ball Long Reach Endmill

In our Customer Learning Center we have a document that explains the anatomy of a tool and everything you need to know to get the most out of your tools and machine. The term ball and flat endmill, as well as short and long reach, are covered in this document. This toolkit is an advanced cutting toolkit that allows you to create deeper features into a model. These tools are more fragile then the short reach tools so we do not recommend that you use these when learning to use your machine. Further we recommend that you always use the short reach tools when you can they are stronger and less expensive. Also because the the tool length is shorter you will get less chatter when cutting your models which will improve the surface finish. If you experience chatter with these tools we recommend that you slow the cutting speed down on the machine.

Included with each machine purchase and on the Customer Learning Center is a document that tells you where to buy additional tools direct. So once you need to purchase an additional tool you will be able to buy them individually direct from a major tool supplier.

We are often asked how long does tools last, there is so many factors it is not an easy question to answer. But as a general rule the tool you use most is the 1/8" tool so you will use a couple of these each year, the remaining tools really depends on how much you use them, the smallest tool is fragile and can be broken if dropped.