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How do I Cancel a Print Job on MDX-40, MDX-40A?
Last Updated: 09/19/2016
MDX-40, MDX-40A Cancel Print
To cancel a print on the MDX-40, MDX-40A you need to first select the VIEW button on the front of the MDX-40, MDX-40A.

Next you need to open the MDX-40, MDX-40A printer folder Once you have the printer folder open you can right click on the print you want to cancel. After you have selected cancel, you now need to use the up down buttons on the front of the machine and press and hold both together at the same time until the VIEW light starts flashing, you can then release, the light will flash until the print is removed from memory, and the print should disappear from the queue on the MDX-40, MDX-40A printer folder.

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