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Download Troubleshooting and Error Codes Guide
If you have an issue with your Roland CNC machine or it gives you an error code please download the correct troubleshooting guide below and look at the troubleshooting info and error code list. This w
I am getting an out of memory error on SRP Player what can I do to fix it?
Check what setting you have SRP Player set to for the Tool Path Precision File->Preferences->Advanced Tab-> Change to coarse. If you can see a noticeable difference
Roland MDX-540 Communication Errors - PC will not recognize the machine
If your MDX-540 will not connect to a computer the instructions below might help.This is how we would troubleshoot this issue. Communication between the MDX-540 and the computer is comprised of the fo
I get Port Not Ready error, how do I fix this issue?
Port Not Ready Error, MDX-15, MDX-20, LPX-250, PIX-4, Pix-30 Here is the procedure to help get the scanner or milling machine to connect when the Port not ready error occurs. Make sure
Why does the MDX-540 Z Axis spindle head lower once I shut off the machine?
When you shut off the MDX-540 you will always hear a click. On the Z-Axis the MDX-540 has a solenoid that pushes against the coupler between the motor and the ball screw. What this does is it keeps th
What settings should I use to save an STL file from Solidworks?
When your part is complete save it as you would normally. So you do not loose any of your work. Now go to the File menu and click SAVE AS… The Save As dialogue box below will pop up. Scroll through