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PDI PCB-50 PC Board Prototyping System
PC Board Prototyping System

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PC Board Prototyping System Complete Package
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Description Technical Specs
Automated PC Board Prototyping on Your Desktop

Introducing a Breakthrough in PC Board Prototyping.
You no longer have to wait days or weeks for your PC Board Prototypes. With our new Automated PC Board Prototyping system you can make them in your office in only a few minutes. The new PC Board Prototyping system has a technologically advanced feature set that is typically found on machines 3 times its price.

Unattended Operation
Automatic Tool Changer means you no longer have to personally set idle, waiting for each step of the milling process to complete so you can change the tool. The 6 tool automatic tool changer has just the right number of tools for pc board prototyping so the machine can run continuously without needing attention.

Worry Free
Automatic Tool Measurement eliminates the need for you to painstakingly measure each tool when putting them into there tool holder. You can just slide them into the tool holder and the machine will measure them automatically so you don't have to worry about making a mistake.

Smart Technology
Automatic Tool Breakage Sensing keeps you from having to watch each milling and drilling step carefully to make sure a small tool does not break. If a tool breaks the machine notifies you visually by changing the machines job status color to red and emails you in case you are not in the room.

Intuitive Software
PC Board CAM Software was designed for use by electrical engineers, design professionals, as well as students and novices. PC Board CAM allows users to simply open there ECAD file, click through the step-by-step interface, when you are ready to cut preview the final rendering, then hit the "print" button to send designs directly to the PC Board Prototyping System. PC Board CAM simplifies the pc board making process with an easy to use workflow, also offering the ability to make multisided boards.

We have 3 different training options. We created project based training that you can do on your own while you follow along with an online video and training manual. So you can receive your machine and start making PC Boards in the same day. This is the best option and the training is very thorough. Optionally you can come to our office and spend the day with us and go through an intensive training where you learn about the machine and software and create some designs. If you have a number of people that need training it might make sense to have us come onsite for setup and training.
PC Board System Features:
  • Fully Enclosed
  • Quiet Operation
  • Office Friendly
  • No Special Training Required
  • Built In Controller
  • Quiet Brushless Spindle Motor
  • 6 Station Automatic Tool Changer
  • G-Code / NC Code Compatible
  • Automatic Tool Measurement
  • Automatic Z Zero Sensor
  • Automatic Machine Calibration
  • Interlocked Safety Cover
  • Free Software Updates
  • 1 Year Trouble-Free Warranty
PC Board System Technical Specs:
  • Work Area: 15.8" x 12" x 5.32"
  • Loadable Workpiece Size: 15.8" x 12" x 3.9"
  • Table Size: 15.8" x 12"
  • Max Tool Size: 1/4" or 6mm
  • Spindle Speed: 4500-15000 rpm
  • Operating Speed: 2.36 in/sec or 60mm/sec
  • Mechanical Resolution: 0.0004in or 0.01mm
  • Acoustic Noise Level: 45-60dB (A)
  • Computer Interface: USB
  • Computer OS: Win 10, 8, 7
  • Computer OS: 32 or 64 Bit
  • Size: 30" Wide x 36" Deep x 29" Height
  • Weight: 269lbs
  • Power: 110V / 1.2A
Software Compatibility:
  • Gerber Scientific
  • Win Typon-5 File
  • Eagle Gerber File
  • Orcad Gerber File
  • Ares Gerber File
  • Osmond Gerber File
  • PCB-Wizard Gerber File
  • Protel Gerber File
  • Engraving
  • Front Panels
  • Ceramics
  • 3-D Housings
  • Depaneling
  • Secondary Operations
  • Multisided Boards
  • Multi Layered Boards
Complete Packages
Complete Package Includes:

  • PC Board Milling Machine
  • PC Board CAM Software
  • PC Board Supplies Document
  • Engraving Tool .25mm tip
  • Cut Out Tool 1/16" Flat Endmill
  • Drill 10 Pcs from .3mm to 1.2mm
  • 10 Pieces Copper Clad Starter PC Board
  • 1 Adhesive Hold Down System
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