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Do I need to change a parameter in Modela Player 4 or SRP Player to get better fine lines and detail in my jewelry wax?
Last Updated: 09/19/2016
For doing jewelry work with the conical tool I recommend a step over of .0015 inch it takes a little longer to cut but gives you a better surface finish on your wax and also gets in and around all the lettering and details. If the detail still is not the quality that you want then I would recommend using a tool with a smaller tip and smaller angle, for example the main tool we use has 15 degree angle with a .005" tip, this is the blue capped tool that comes in the EMP kit. Get a 10 degree tool with a .003 tip and I am certain that it will be able to get any additional details that you want. I have only had one situation where this was required. So the main tool normally gets the job done.

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