Universal Laser UAC 2000 Air Cleaner
Universal Laser UAC 2000 Air Cleaner
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Universal Laser UAC 2000 Air Filtration Unit
Laser material processing produces byproducts comprised of particulates (smoke) and volatile organic compounds or VOCs (fumes) which must be removed from the material processing area of a laser system and handled in a safe and appropriate manner. It is best practice to filter the byproducts from the exhaust air stream before venting to the outside whenever possible. ULS provides a line of air filtration solutions appropriately sized for each laser system. These air filtration solutions contain patented technology to improve performance and safety. ULS air filtration solutions provide the following benefits to the user:

Increased Safety
The innovative, patented sensor suite monitors filtration performance at every stage of filtration and protects the user and the environment like no other manufacturer.

Improved Return on Investment
Extremely efficient use of consumable filter media improves cost of operation compared to other less sophisticated solutions.

Enriched User Experience
Extremely quiet operation, industry leading ease of use, and integration with the ULS product eco-system.

Reduced Facilities Requirements
Reduces or eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure projects to add or upgrade exhaust equipment.

High Reliability and Serviceability
Ruggedized components and tool-less ergonomic filter replacement.