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Roland MDX-540 Automatic Tool Changer ZAT-540
Roland MDX-540 Automatic Tool Changer with ATC Kit ZAT-540

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Roland MDX-540 Automatic Tool Changer ZAT-540
ZAT-540 (ATC Control Box, ATC Spindle, ATC Magazine) Retail:$8299.00

MDX-540A-KIT (Setting Clamp, Spanner Wrench, (qty 4, 1/4" tool holders), air tubing) Retail:$2099.00

ZAT-540 Automatic Tool Changer
The Automatic Tool Changer comes pre-installed on the MDX-540A and MDX-540SA.

The ZAT-540 is offered as an add on for those who did not purchase the pre-installed version.

The Roland Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) further reduces the time and cost associated with product development. From roughing to finishing, this optional accessory enables the MDX-540 to mill prototypes completely unattended. It automatically changes up to four preset tools of different sizes. The ATC comes with an air-activated, high-precision spindle.

Fully Automatic
The SRP Player software offers total integration with the automatic tool changer to make it very easy to specify which tools you want to use. Since the ATC unit is completely automatic the machine starts the first process and when finished puts the tool up and gets the next tool it needs until the cutting is completed. You can set up a cutting before you leave work and when you come back in the cutting will be completed.

Combine the ATC unit and rotary axis unit and you have eliminated all the manual moving of the part and changing of the tools. The machine will cut the top change tools as need to complete the top then rotate the part 180 degrees and perform the cutting on the bottom. You can also add additional rotation points in SRP Player software so the machine can rotate to any angle and perform a series of cutting processes for example the front and the back of a part. And since the tool change and rotation is all automatic you can turn out the lights and leave the machine to finish the project.

The MDX-540 and ZAT-540 Tool Changer has a hugh advantage over other milling systems on the market. Since this is a 5th generation machine, the Roland engineers have taken all the setup work and made it automatic. Put your tools in the toolholders and press one button on the control panel and the machine will measure all the tools. Need to set you origin point on your workpiece Roland engineers have designed a sensor that you press a button and the machine sets the zero point. All of these features eliminate the need to have a machinists background to run the machine.

When installing the ATC unit expect to spend an afternoon to fully install and learn how to use the added features.
The kit comes with all items wrenches, screws, bolts, ect. that is needed to complete the install.
If you have a cover on your machine you will only need to remove a couple of panels to access the required areas.
To connect the air you can use the included hose but you will need a coupling to attach it to your compressor, or you can attach your compressors hose to the machine. A fitting will be required the ATC Unit has a 1/4"NPT thread.

Air Source
The ATC unit requires an air source. You can usually just purchase an air compressor from your local home improvement warehouse. You will need a minimum of 105psi, the volume is very low, but to keep the pressure required if you have a small tank then it might run the air compressor more often. When purchasing an air compressor another thing to consider is the noise level of the compressor, some of the really inexpensive compressors can be very loud, so I personally look for a compressor that has written some where in the marketing low noise or something similar. There are quiet air compressors on the market but they can be expensive, but if that is what is required you can find them that make very little noise.

The ZAT-540 Kit includes the Main ATC Assembly
We have a document that shows how to install the ATC unit and all the included items if you would like to see it email sales@pdi3d.com and request it.

Roland MDX-540 ATC Accessory Kit
This kit is included with the purchase of MDX-540A, MDX-540SA, but not included with the ZAT-540 add on kit.
Included in the ATC Accessory Kit kit
Not Included - (1) US-SC15 Drill mill chuck setting base
Not Included - (1) US-PUH-10-10 10mm air hose
Not Included - (1) US-SPAN22 spanner wrench
Not Included - (4) US-DMC7-48 drill mill chucks

Why are you not including the ATC accessory kit, toolholders and collets?
Because there are some customer who already have an MDX-540 and want to buy the kit to get the spindle and have the magazine and control box as extra items. We are offering the ATC kit for almost same price as a replacement spindle. We an offer you a price for the accessory kit to be included with purchase.

The MDX-540A, MDX-540SA, and ZAT-540 Add on kit does not include collets.

We recommend you purchase the MDX-540 ATC Collet Kit to accompany these.

Use with the MDX-540, MDX-540S MDX-540A and MDX-540SA