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Roland MDX-540A ATC Collet US-COL7-1/4
Roland MDX-540A, MDX-540SA ATC 1/4" Collet US-COL7-1/4
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Sale Price: $149.00

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***This item discounted when purchased with the MDX-540***
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Roland MDX-540A, MDX-540SA ATC 1/4" Collet US-COL7-1/4
Roland Part Number: US-COL7-1/4 ATC 1/4" Collet for 7mm Drill Mill Chuck

Flexible 1/4" collet for use on the MDX-540 with Automatic Tool Changer.

Holds 1/4" shank sized tooling securely in the Automatic Tool Changer Drill Mill Chuck.

The Roland MDX-540A milling system does not include collets, these require a separate purchase.

The MDX-540 ATC has 4 tool positions, so we recommend that you buy 4 collets based on the tool sizes you want to load into the machine.

You will need a 1/4" collet if you purchased the ZCL-540 Rotary Axis Unit.
The calibration pin you use to setup the ZCL-540 requires a 1/4" collet. If you are a new user of the MDX-540 we recommend you purchase (3) 1/8" collets and (1) 1/4" collet.

Use with the MDX-540A and MDX-540SA with an automatic tool changer.