Roland MDX-540 Lubrication Kit ST-049
Roland MDX-540 Lubrication Kit ST-049
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Roland MDX-540 Lubrication Kit ST-049
Roland Part Number: ST-049 Tool, Grease Gun

This lubrication kit ships with a grease gun and tube of grease. The grease gun includes special fittings for the LM Guides.

We offer single tubes of replacement grease.

Maintenance Notes
The MDX-540 Users Manual recommends you perform maintenance on your machine every 1000 hours. In the back of the manual it will point out the tasks that need to be performed. Some of these items include lubrication of the ball screws and linear guides. This is the recommended grease for performing this maintenance.

Use with the MDX-540, MDX-540S MDX-540A and MDX-540SA