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Roland SRP Player Pro Software
Roland SRP Player Pro Software
Retail Price: $4,500.00

SRP Player Pro has been discontinued, please contact us about other software upgrade options.

Product Code: R-SRP-PLAYER-PRO

***SRP Player Pro has been discontinued***
***Contact us if you you are looking for another CAM software option***

Roland SRP Player Pro Software

I want to let new users and prospective customers of the MDX equipment know that the SRP Player software that runs your MDX machines is already included with the purchase of your machine. The included SRP Player software is by far the best software to use on your new Roland machine. Using the included SRP Player software you will be able to make almost any part imaginable. The only time you need to change to another software is when you find a need that is not being meet by the SRP Player software. And before you purchase any additional software you would need to talk with our application engineers about your exact application. Based on your application we might recommend SRP Player Pro or another program. Our company has 5 different software programs that we carry that add additional functionality to the Roland machines. Each program was chosen for its intended application. 95% of our customer base still uses the included SRP Player software and has never had a need to upgrade to any additional software. So let me reiterate you should not buy any other software unless directed by our application engineers

Reasons why you might consider an advanced program...

Production Run Parts
The SRP Player software that comes with the Roland machines is really good at making it easy to cut 1 part really fast. The amount of time between saving the model out and then actually cutting the part out can be accomplished in as little as 5 minutes. This is great for cutting out 1 part, the trade off is that your part takes longer to cut. The reason is because the SRP Player software is using a standard database of feeds and speeds based on materials and tools, and there is a nice margin of error in the speeds so you will not break any tools or make any mistakes. This makes the software great for engineers, inventors, teachers, makers and others who want to make parts with as little effort as possible and know very little about milling machines and machining in general. But again the tradeoff is slower cutting times. You can tweak speeds and feeds in the SRP Player included but you don't have as much control as you would with an advanced program. And advanced program will give you a lot more control over every movement of the machine. For guys who are doing production parts shaving off 10 minutes is hugh when you are trying to cut out 100 or even a 1000 parts that could save you days worth of time. But to make these savings it could take you an hour or up to even a full day to setup the cutting because of all the additional items you will need tell the machine to do. So for someone who does production parts then an additional software program might be something worth looking at. We still tell customers to start with the SRP Player that comes with the machine becasue it will help you learn your machine and you will want to use it when you have only a single part to cut out.

Rapid Custom Manufacturing
Another application that users might use additional software for is Rapid Custom Manufacturing. Some examples are, custom helmet liners, dental aligners, dental prosthetic's, custom sole molds, cutting of custom fit protective wear, these applications are all similar becasue the users is cutting out the same item over and over but each individual item is a little different. Probably each data set for the individual is driven by scanned data that has been tweaked for the user to make a custom fit item. For application like this, it is best to speak with our application engineers and we can recommend a program specific for your application. We have helped set up companies doing these kind of projects where when finished they simply load the 3d model and press a button and the software generates the cutting and then it is sent to the machine. So as many steps as possible are taking out of the process and regular operators can be easily trained to operate the machines and program. Software programs for applications like this are template driven, a template is set up and all the important parameters are preset so then the only thing that changes from one part to the next is the 3d model. Since the size of the part is very close and the tools and materials are the same from one part to the next, a little front end testing can optimize the machine to cut the part really fast and with as little interaction as required. Contact us if this sounds like your kind of application.

2 1/2 D Cutting
The standard SRP Player software works great to cut out complicated 3D parts but sometimes you have a part that is very simple, Maybe you only need an outline cut out of a flat piece of stock, a pocket or two and some engraving. You can accomplish this with SRP Player but sometimes it takes extra cutting time and requires a little extra time to optimize the tool path for this type of cutting. We have an advanced 2D cutting software that we sell for these type of application. It is really easy to use and has 4 tutorials with it to get you up and going.

The standard SRP Player will cut out all your holes in your 3D model with out any reserve. However there is times when you need to drill a bunch of holes in a plate and would prefer not to have the machine mill the holes into the plate. Even though milling will give you the most accurate hole, drilling can be much faster and if you are doing 30 holes that can takeup some time so you can use the advanced 2D cutting software for applications where you want to drill out a bunch of holes on a plate.

If you have an advanced application we have not covered here contact us and we will see how we can help you. If you have one of these advanced application contact us and we will give you an online software demo for your application.

Roland SRP Player Pro Software

The Roland SRP Player Pro software gives users precise control of how the toolpath is generated for the 3D model being cut. When you have an application where you need to make a small production run of parts and need to lower your cutting time as much as possible to produce parts much faster then the included SRP Player, then SRP Player Pro might be something you should consider. The trade off for lower cutting time is more time spent on the front end setting up a part to cut.

Better Tool Paths = Better Parts
SRP Player Pro uses advanced polygonal smoothing technology to achieve especially smooth surfaces using STL files. It also takes IGES files and generates tools paths directly, without converting them into polygonal data. So, you get the best possible results no matter what type of files you are using!

Ease of Use
SRP Player Pro offers a straightforward and intuitive workflow throughout the design and workflow processes. The software simplifies production using graphics and guides users though each step, without jumping ahead.

Longer Tool Life
SRP player Pro will actually extend the life of your milling tools. It generates ultra-efficient tool paths that reduce tool load, letting you produce more parts on your existing tools. A great savings of time and money!

MDX Series Compatibility
SRP player Pro is compatible with all Roland MDX series milling devices. So, if you are looking for high performance CAM software to run your desktop mill, look no further! SRP Player Pro blends advanced tooling technologies with easy, intuitive operation. Itís ideal for production environments where speed, tight tolerances, and smooth surface finishes are critical.

Use with the Roland MDX-540SA, MDX-540S, MDX-540A, MDX-540, MDX-50, MDX-40A, MDX-40, SRM-20, MDX-20, MDX-15