Roland SRM-20 Online Training
Roland SRM-20 Online Training
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Do You Need Training?
Without training you can not take full advantage of your investment. Do not foolishly let a dealer tell you that you do not need training. It is the difference in completing projects the week your machine arrives or months after. And more then just training there is insider tips and tricks to using the equipment. Like where to buy tools and materials direct and advanced techniques that you just can't learn by yourself. So yes you do need training and all that other information that will make you successful.

SRM-20 Online Training
You might have seen by now that at Product Development Inc we don't just ship customers boxes we want to educate our customers before they buy and even more important after they buy. We know that the better training materials available to the customer the less support that they are going to require. So we created a complete online training resource for the SRM-20. It includes install guides, video tutorials, multimedia training, support bulletins, original software downloads, parts lists, maintenance schedules, SRP Supply Booklet, advanced training and more.

Multimedia Training CD's
In the past we offered the Multimedia Training CD we authored. We would ship the CD's to customers after they purchase. This works well if your content is static and doesn't need to be updated or additional information added. We found that we needed a way to continue to add more training documents and information as the need arises so that our customers could continue to learn new techniques and have a way to get the latest information.

So we took a new approach, and created our SRM-20 Online Training. The SRM-20 Online Training is a portal that gives us the ability to share the knowledge about the equipment that we have gained over the years.

Access to Learning Center
After you have purchased your equipment we will email you a link and login name and password to access the Learning Center.

Additional Training
Sometimes after you have went through the online training and information available you still might need some additional training for your specific application. You can request we create something more to add to the SRM-20 Online Training Center or you can book an hour of live 1 on 1 training. We use Goto Meeting and this allows you to see our screen and also allows us to see your screen and take over your computer if the need arises. This helps save travel expenses and allows us to fit in short training sessions at a moments notice. Learn more about our online training sessions here.