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Roland MDX-40A Spindle Belt 11929142
Roland MDX-40A Replacement Spindle Belt 11929142
Retail Price: $110.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Roland MDX-40A Replacement Spindle Belt 11929142
Roland Part Number: 11929142 Belt, A 4CEBRF 5*220 MDX-40, MDX-40A, JWX-10

The MDX-40A Users Manual says that the spindle belt on the MDX-40A has a life of 2000 hours. We have customers who have easily tripled that. But make sure you have a spare when you get into the higher hours so you will not be waiting on a belt to be shipped.

Installation: 5 Min
The shipment will come with detailed instructions for replacement. If you do not receive these instructions with the shipment please contact us and we will email them to you.

Use with the MDX-40A, MDX-40, and JWX-10