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Roland MDX-540 ZCL-540 Z Sensor 1000002023
Roland ZCL-540 Replacement Z Sensor 1000002023
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Roland ZCL-540 Replacement Z Sensor 1000002023
Roland Part Number: 1000002023 Shaft, Sensor ZCL-540
This is a replacement for the shaft of the z-sensor.

This does not include the other parts in the photo only the shaft.
When you replace the shaft you will be able to use the other original parts.

You will replace this item if you have damaged the touch off area of the sensor.
Damage occurs from not plugging in the z sensor cable when running a measurement.

Installation: 5 Min
Installation only takes 5 minutes. You will first remove the z sensor from the worktable. In the bottom of the z sensor you will find a single hex head screw. Remove that screw and the z sensor shaft will be free. Put on the new z sensor shaft.

Use with the MDX-540, MDX-540S MDX-540A and MDX-540SA