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Roland MDX-540 ZCL-540 Centering Vise 1000001771
Roland ZCL-540 Centering Vise 1000001771

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Roland ZCL-540 Replacement Centering Vise 1000001771
Roland Part Number: 1000001771 Clamp, Vise, ZCL-540

This is a replacement of the original self centering vise that shipped mounted on the Roland ZCL-540 Rotary Axis Unit. You could also uses this with other machine brands by clamping it in the 3 or 4 jaw chuck. This does not include the rotary axis unit ZCL-540 only the self centering vise.

We only have 1 of these at this price we are selling some extra stocked items.

How it works
This vise centers both round and square material on the rotary axis unit. So it makes loading the stock much easier. Instead of using shims or some other method you just turn the tightening knob and the vise jaws move together to center the work piece. This also allows you to use off the shelf material that has not been prepared or surfaced / squared. The Roland machines uses the center for the z origin which means your work-piece will be cut out in the center of the material. If you have a rough piece of material no problem because the top or bottom surface will not be a part of your part.

Use with the Roland MDX-540, MDX-540S, MDX-540A, MDX-540SA with ZCL-540 Rotary Axis Unit

Use with 3 or 4 jaw chuck on other milling machines.

Installation: 3 Min
It will take about 3 minutes to replace the part. You will remove the 3 hex screws that mount the vise to the rotary axis unit and replace the vise.