Roland MDX-540 ZCL-540 Centering Vise 1000001771
Roland ZCL-540 Centering Vise 1000001771

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Roland ZCL-540 Replacement Centering Vise 1000001771
Roland Part Number: 1000001771 Clamp, Vise, ZCL-540

This is a replacement of the original self centering vise that shipped mounted on the Roland ZCL-540 Rotary Axis Unit. This does not include the rotary axis unit ZCL-540 only the self centering vise.

Installation: 5 min
It will take about 5 minutes to replace the vise. You will remove the 3 hex screws that mount the vise to the rotary axis unit and replace the vise.

Use with the Roland MDX-540, MDX-540S, MDX-540A, MDX-540SA with ZCL-540 Rotary Axis Unit