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Roland LPX-600DS 3D Laser Scanner
Roland LPX-600DS 3D Laser Scanner

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Pixfrom Pro II Reverse Engineering Software

Description Features Technical Specs
Roland LPX-600 3D Laser Scanner
Stop wasting hours cleaning up scanned data! With the touch of a button the LPX-600, 3D laser scanner can generate a detailed 3D computer model with a 0.008-inch resolution and a watertight surface. Bundled LPX EZ Studio 3D scanning software automatically scans, aligns, merges planes, fills holes, and decimates 3D models. LPX EZ Studio then exports them as point cloud, stl, or 3d model data that can be easily used directly in SolidWorks® Office Premium and other 3D CAD, 3D Modeling, and 3D Animation software.

What does a 3D Scanner do?
The Roland LPX-600 allows you to take real world objects and bring them into your computer. For example in the pictures you see a gun holster, then you see it as a graphic image inside the computer. The item once scanned can be used for marketing, for reverse engineering, you can print it out on 3d printers, or send it to a machine shop and have additional items made. You can also bring the 3d file into the included software and make some changes to it and then recreate it.

How does it work?
You take an object like the holster and prepare it to be scanned. The scanner does not scan dark objects or objects that reflect light so you must spray it with something to make it a light color. Since the holster is dark colored you spray it with a spray, I like using a foot powder that goes on wet and then dries white, so you can wash it off. You can also just paint the object if you do not need to use it again. You want the object to be a light color like white. Some items that are already a light color do not need the spray. Next once it is sprayed and ready you place it on the platform inside the scanner. Close the door and turn on the scanner.

3D Scanning?
Next you will start the scanning program on your computer, the software included is called LPX EZ Studio. Inside this software there is a big button that says scan. Once in the scan screen you can preview your scan and set the parameters for the scan. Parameters like the size of the object and how often points are collected (all of this is in the users manual) or you can just select preview, just like on a flat bed scanner and it will take a quick shot of the object and set the main size parameters for you. Then once you are satisfied you select scan. Prior to scanning you will get a time estimate on how long it will take to scan. Now you just leave the scanner to do the work. You can watch on your computer screen as it scans the object. Since the object is placed on a turn table it rotates from side to side and scans the object all the way around. If an area was not scanned to high enough detail you can select the area on the computer screen and tell it to rescan and set the detail level for the scan higher.

The object is scanned now what?
Once the object is finished scanning, you will be able to edit the file in the LPX EZ Studio software and finish the 3d model. In the program you can fill any holes that maybe were left after the scan and clean up the mesh if there was areas that did not scan well (there is a tutorial booklet that tells you each step). Once you are satisfied with the 3d model you can save it out to multiple formats. STL, DXF3D.

What can the 3d file be used for?
You can use the 3d file to make changes to the scanned part inside of your cad software. You can bring the file in a 3d animation program and animate it and add color and texture to it. You can send the part to a 3d printer and have a duplicate made. You can scale the part to different sizes to make miniatures or scaled objects. You can bring the file into your cad software and design something that attaches to the 3d scanned file so it mates well. Museum's use it to document and create 3d libraries of objects. You can use the file on a website so visitor can spin an object around. If you search 3d scanning online you will see many different uses for a 3d scanner.

LPX-600 Features
Scans objects up to 10" in diameter and 16" high
Converts objects in 3D data at highly-accurate .0079" (.2mm pitch)
Able to scan a wide variety of objects with Rolands revolutionary Dual Mode (Rotary and Planar) Scanning Technology
The combination of precision optics and motion control with a rigid cast aluminum frame produce high quality scans
Easy connection with USB
Attractive, compact design for office environment
Complete workflow from input to output is available with the combination of Roland SRP milling devices and 3d printers.

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Roland LPX-600DS Brochure

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