PDI MDX-540 Material Savers
PDI MDX-540 Material Savers

Retail Price: $295.00
Sale Price: $250.00

Material Savers
One of our customers came to us and asked us if we could create a longer vice jaw for the 4th axis. Because of the extra clearance needed by the spindle a longer piece of material is needed. By having a longer vice jaw they would not have to use such long pieces of material. The longer vice jaw would also allow them to cut really short pieces of left over material that otherwise would just be thrown away. We liked the idea so well we created the Material Savers, so all our customers could benefit.

How it works
Using the Material Savers you will save 2 inches of material on each cut. In addition the material savers allow you to use smaller pieces of material.
If you are cutting out an 8in model, instead of needing a 12in piece of material you are able to make the model with a 10in piece of material. It might not sound like much but over time the savings will add up. Even more compelling is when cutting out a 1in piece, instead of needing a 5in piece of material you can cut it out of a 3in piece. This allows you to use the extra left over material from your larger cuts.

How does it work in the software?
The Material Savers do not change the process you use to create your parts. You will do everything the same. When entering your material length in SRP Player you can simply add 2 inches to the actual piece of material you are using. The software will generate the cutting exactly as normal with no other requirements.

What's included
  • 1-Set Material Savers
  • 4-Mounting screws
  • 1-Spare mounting screw
  • Install Instructions
Installation: 10 Min
The Material Savers take about 5 minutes to install. All you need is a 3 mm hex wrench which is included with your machine. You simply remove the 2 vice jaws from the 4th axis unit and using the included screws you install the 2 material savers. It is that simple. Here is a picture that shows you how.