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SRP Player can not find the machine and will not start without a machine present what should I do?
SRP Player will not run if you do not have a Roland driver on your computer. So you will have to install a driver. To check to see if you have a driver go to your Printers folders on your computer. Th
I want to load SRP Player software on multiple computers, how do I install the print driver?
You can load SRP Player software on multiple computers at your company/educational location. For example you can load SRP Player on the CAD computers for all the engineers and designers who will be us
How do I turn off material size restrictions in SRP Player?
When you need to make a part or have material that is just a little larger then what Roland SRP Player will allow on the rotary axis unit you can turn off the safety features of SRP Player software. O
I am getting an out of memory error on SRP Player what can I do to fix it?
Check what setting you have SRP Player set to for the Tool Path Precision File->Preferences->Advanced Tab-> Change to coarse. If you can see a noticeable difference
How do I install a driver for my machine if I do not have the CD or my CD or driver is out of date?
If you do not have a CD with the Roland print driver then you will have to download the driver. To download the driver go to Choose Downloads , top middle
What settings should I use to save an STL file from Solidworks?
When your part is complete save it as you would normally. So you do not loose any of your work. Now go to the File menu and click SAVE AS… The Save As dialogue box below will pop up. Scroll through
I want to use an alternative CAM software? Learning about RML/G-CODE/NC-CODE,
Here is some info on using alternative CAM programs with the Roland milling machines. What is G-Code/NC-Code/RML Language/command sets ect? When people talk about G-Code they are basically talk
What Is The Proper Way To Clean My ULS Laser Lens Optics?
Cleaning Optics A visual inspection of the #2 and #3 mirrors, beam window and focus lens should be performed at least once a day. CAUTION: Do not clean an optic that is visually clean. Excessive clea