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Do I need to change a parameter in Modela Player 4 or SRP Player to get better fine lines and detail in my jewelry wax?
For doing jewelry work with the conical tool I recommend a step over of .0015 inch it takes a little longer to cut but gives you a better surface finish on your wax and also gets in and around all the
Do I need to do ROUGHING passes with each tool?
When I use Roughing it does not cut out the small holes and then when I finish the small tool goes into the hole and then breaks why? 3 different scenarios to consider with this question
How do I install a driver for my machine if I do not have the CD or my CD or driver is out of date?
If you do not have a CD with the Roland print driver then you will have to download the driver. To download the driver go to Choose Downloads , top middle of screen. Accept the agreem
How do I install SRP Player?
You can install SRP Player using the included CD and placing it in your computers' optical disc drive. If you don't have this as an option you can contact Roland support for a replacement disc or a do
I want to load SRP Player software on multiple computers, how do I install the print driver?
You can load SRP Player software on multiple computers at your company/educational location. For example you can load SRP Player on the CAD computers for all the engineers and designers who will be us
SRP Player can not find the machine and will not start without a machine present what should I do?
SRP Player will not run if you do not have a Roland driver on your computer. So you will have to install a driver. To check to see if you have a driver go to your Printers folders on your computer. Th
Where can I get software updates for my Roland Machine?
You can get software updates from the Roland Website. First go to Roland DGA website which is based in the USA. Choose your machine... Here you will find Drivers Firmw