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Do I need a different tool to do engraved and standing letters in wax?
No to do the engraved letters in wax or embossed letters, if they are modeled in the 3d model then the machine will cut them out, just use the conical tool and it can get in and around all of the det
Do I need to change a parameter in Modela Player 4 or SRP Player to get better fine lines and detail in my jewelry wax?
For doing jewelry work with the conical tool I recommend a step over of .0015 inch it takes a little longer to cut but gives you a better surface finish on your wax and also gets in and around all the
Do I need to do ROUGHING passes with each tool?
When I use Roughing it does not cut out the small holes and then when I finish the small tool goes into the hole and then breaks why? 3 different scenarios to consider with this question
I want to load SRP Player software on multiple computers, how do I install the print driver?
You can load SRP Player software on multiple computers at your company/educational location. For example you can load SRP Player on the CAD computers for all the engineers and designers who will be us
When I bought my machine I had a Training CD with it, I need a replacement?
This is for machines shipped between 2000-2009 when we created a training CD to ship with the machines. Now we have all training materials posted on our Learning Center. If you have lost your training
Why do I sometimes get the lines across my model wax and another materials?
Lines come from the finish tool, since we are talking about jewelry milling I assume that you are using a conical tool. Check you tool tip it might have been broken. If the tip is not not perfectly f