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Universal Laser VLS/PLS Platform 2.5" Lens Kit
Universal Laser VLS/PLS Platform 2.5" Lens Kit
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Universal Laser 2.5" Lens Kit for VLS and PLS Platform
VLS Models 3.60/4.60/6.60
PLS Models 4.75/6.75/6.150

The 2.5 inch lens provides good engraving detail though not as good as the shorter lenses. This is the lens kit used when clearance or tolerance becomes an issue. This lens has a longer focal length and great tolerance making it excellent for cutting thick materials up to 5/8 (15,875mm) depending on the material. This lens also gives you an additional 1/2 (12,7mm) clearance over the standard 2.0 however it also reduces your total Z axis (table height) by that same 1/2 (12,7mm). Can be interchanged with any other lens and is available on all PLS and VLS platform series systems.

What it does:
This is the best lens for thick, consistent straight edge cutting when clearance and tolerance becomes an issue, while still providing good quality engraving and marking. Cutting with this lens up to 3/4 (19,5mm) in thickness depending on the type of material being processed.

Benefits of the 2.5" Lens:
  • Great cutting of thick materials up to 5/8 (15,875mm) 
  • When clearance and tolerance exceeds the 2.0 lens 
  • Gives an additional 1/2 (12,7mm) clearance over the 2.0 
  • Field up-gradable on supported systems, 1996 and newer 
  • Can be interchanged with other lenses as needed

Limitations of the 2.5" Lens:
  • Lower detailed engraving (Larger spot size) 
  • Not recommended for photo engraving 
  • Reduces your Z axis (table height) by 1/2 (12,7mm) 
  • Not available for VLS desktop, PLS 6MW, ILS and XLS series laser systems