Universal Laser VLS3.75 Cutting Table
Universal Laser VLS3.60 Downdraft Cutting Table
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Universal Laser VLS3.75 and VLS3.60 Downdraft Cutting Table
The Flow-Through / Downdraft Cutting Table consists of a thin-wall aluminum honeycomb-core evenly supported by an underlying hollow structure. The exhaust ports match up with the table to create a suction on the table surface. The engraving/cutting material is placed on the honeycomb core and the suction holds the material in place while it is being engraved or cut.

Damage Free Laser Cutting
When cutting material with a laser, a nominal amount of excess laser power must pass beyond the lower surface of the material to ensure a complete cut. On the standard laser table, this excess laser power can damage the lower surface of the material being cut as it reflects off of the table surface. The ULS Flow-Through / Downdraft Cutting Table minimizes the supporting surface for the material, preventing damaging back-reflection as well as allowing laser cutting by-products (smoke and cut material) to be more effectively removed.

Consistent, Clean, Laser Cutting
Precision-leveled table provides a path for excess laser power and for laser processing byproducts to escape.

Enables Coaxial Gas Assist
Expands the range of materials which are compatible with laser processing.