Universal Laser VLS3.60DT Rotary Fixture
Universal Laser VLS3.50 Rotary Fixture
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Universal Laser VLS3.60DT and VLS3.50 Rotary Fixture
The Rotary Fixture accessory extends the capabilities of Universal’s laser systems by giving the user the ability to mark or engrave cylindrical objects up to 5 inches in diameter. It can be installed or removed without the need to restart the system. It holds parts on both ends and can be run in high speed raster mode with lighter objects and also runs in vector mode.

The fixture rotates beyond 360 degrees in order to assure full wrap-around engraving. Loading and unloading is quick and easy! A sensor detects the rotary attachment when installed and automatically makes all of the adjustments necessary for rotary marking and engraving.

How the Rotary Fixture Works
The Rotary Fixture is easy to use and available with modular attachments to secure a variety objects in the rotary. To process the material, users simply select ‘Rotary’ on the control software. The control software maximizes output quality by providing the best power and speed settings for the material being processed using its Intelligent Material Database and rotary settings. For raster processes, the rotary moves in a step-wise function such that each rotational step corresponds to one pass of a raster engraving or raster marking process. For vector processing, the rotary moves corresponding to the continuous path of the laser cutting, engraving, or marking being performed on the object.

  • Engrave cylindrical objects
  • Accepts non-symmetrical objects
  • Maintains precision accuracy
  • Taper compensation
  • Rotates automatically
  • 360 degree processing
  • Handles tapered objects
  • Allows raster and vector processing