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Roland MDX-540 T-Slot Table ZTT-540
Roland MDX-540 T-Slot Table ZTT-540
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Roland MDX-540 T-Slot Table ZTT-540
The MDX-540 T-Slot Table will give you the ability to use T-Slot nuts to attach a vice or clamp down parts to the table. This allows you to quickly add and remove commercial off the shelf vices and fixturing to the machine. Using the t-slots makes it easy to mount hard non ferrous materials to the machine for cutting.

Installation: 20Min
When you install this table you will remove the original table that comes on the machine. This install procedure takes only a few minutes unless you have an installed ATC unit or Rotary Axis unit. If you have these additional accessories then it will require additional time to remove them and reinstall them. The T-Slot table is not designed to be quickly removed, the intent of its design is to become a permanent replacement for the original table that came with the MDX-540.

If you intend to design custom fixturing for the MDX-540, the original table has a grid of holes pre-drilled that you can mount fixturing too. You can also mount vices to the original table but you would need to modify them to fit the hole pattern. The MDX-540 Users Manual has a diagram in the back that shows the hole layout on the original table so you can use this if needed to design an interface for your fixture to match the table.

Product Description written by Product Development Inc

Use with the MDX-540, MDX-540S, MDX-540A, and MDX-540SA