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Roland MDX-540 Safety Cover ZBX-540E
Roland MDX-540 Safety Cover ZBX-540E
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Roland MDX-540 Safety Cover ZBX-540E

The ZBX-540E Safety Cover is a very high quality enclosure for the MDX-540 that completely encloses the machine. We highly recommend that you add the safety cover to protect the user, keep your area around the machine clean, and to reduce the noise of cutting. The ZBX-540E safety cover is made of heavy weight sheet metal and has been painted to make it both functional and visually appealing. Since it was designed specifically for the MDX-540 it fits like a glove and when assembling and installing Roland has taken special care to make sure everything fits and the assembly instructions are easy to follow. All the holes required for air hoses, wires, usb cables have been precut and have a rubber grommet included to fit the holes. The cover has windows in the front, top, and sides to let light in and see the machine making your part. This cover was not an after thought it was engineered for the machine and users interaction.

Safety Interlock
The cover comes with a pre-installed safety interlock on the door to the cover. If the door is ever opened it will instantly shut off the spindle. The interlock meets all requirements for a safety interlock on automatic equipment. You will not have to worry about employees or students getting hurt by opening the door while the system is making a part.

High Quality
The safety cover comes ready to assemble, the sub structure is all metal and creates the framework that the exterior panels attach too. The panels are attached in a way that makes it easy to remove in the event you need to get into the machine for maintenance or cleaning. The structure and panels all assemble with screws. The frame and panels all have matching holes that are pre threaded so there is not any screws that require you to attach nuts. This makes the whole assembly much stronger and easier to assemble. The paint scheme on the cover perfectly matches the rest of the machine to make it all look like a single unit when assembled.

Expect to spend a few hours assembling the cover. If you purchased install and training with your system our application engineer that comes onsite will help you assemble the cover.
The instructions are clear and concise and you only need a #2 philips head screwdriver.
All screws and components are included in the purchase and shipment so you won't be running around town looking for screws.

The cover is 41"W x 40.6"D x 38.5"H and weighs 150 lbs.

You will need a table to set the machine and cover on. We recommend that the minimum size for the table is 44" x44". When shopping for a table keep in mind the machine and cover will weigh about 400lbs. The machine will be moving so you will also have some dynamic forces in play that can over time pull a wooden table apart. We also recommend that you get a table with casters on the feet if you think you will need to move the machine around much. Once the cover is installed you will not be able to pickup the machine and cover together. The casters allow you to roll the machine away from the wall while assembling the cover and to get into the back of the machine at a later date.

Table required needs to be minimum 44"x44"

We have recently added a table to our online store that is custom built for the MDX-540 and Safety Cover and comes preinstalled with casters. We also tried to match the paint scheme as close as possible. Check out the MDX-540 Rolling Table.

The cover comes in a large box and has to ship via freight. The box is 4 feet long by 2 feet wide by 4 feet tall. It weighs about 200 lbs. The cover is packaged to insure that panels do not get scratched, each piece has a separate compartment. Keep in mind that since the size and weight of the cover require freight shipping, it will be more expensive to ship then the average part.

Use with the MDX-540, MDX-540S MDX-540A and MDX-540SA