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Roland Pixform Pro 2 3D Laser Scanning/Reverse Engineering Software
Roland Pixform Pro 2 3D Laser Scanning/Reverse Engineering Software

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Product Code: R-PIXFORM-PRO2

Roland’s Pixform Pro II is a new software solution that allows LPX users to go from scan data to a parametric CAD model without a great deal of training. Based on RapidForm XOR technology the new Pixform Pro II is our most advanced reverse engineering software ever and the perfect companion for your LPX Series 3D Laser Scanner. Pixform Pro II fully optimizes the capabilities of the LPX DS scanner by quickly and intuitively converting scan data into high-resolution parametric 3D CAD data for hand-held consumer products design, package design, hand-sculpted items and biomedical product design. As a result, users can incorporate design details that are otherwise difficult to create on computers.

With Pixform Pro II, you can generate and edit CAD models from existing parts or partial models, a process that can dramatically lower your product development costs and reduce time to market.

  • Integrated software solution for processing scan data and creating 3D feature based CAD models quickly and easily
  • Optimizes work processes and improves design quality
  • Simplifies the product development process
  • Generates high quality parametric solid and surface CAD compatible models
  • Removes time-consuming requirements of cleaning scan data
  • Includes intelligent tools that automatically extract design features from 3D scan data
  • Features user friendly interface similar to major CAD applications
  • Shows deviation analysis between scan data and finished part using the Accuracy Analyzer™ feature
  • Exports models directly to CAD with modeling history
  • liveTransfer™ feature enables users to transfer their completed files directly to popular software packages - no need to save files and then import them into the design software

Mesh Buildup Wizard
Once you have scanned your object using your Roland LPX laser scanner you can import your scan data into Pixform Pro II and start the Mesh Buildup Wizard. This wizard simplifies many of the tedious steps previously required to simply acquire mesh data. In a matter of moments, mesh data is created and ready to use as a guide to build a 3D model.

Familiar CAD Interface
One of the great time saving features is the familiar looking interface within Pixform Pro II. By emulating popular CAD design software’s graphical user interfaces Pixform Pro II will be easier to learn, saving you time over traditional reverse engineering software.

Align Wizard™
Even if the object is not placed in the LPX scanner correctly, Pixform Pro II’s Align Wizard™ will intelligently identify and align your scan data to the ideal design coordinate system, making model creation easier.

Redesign Assistant™
When creating a 3D model using your LPX scan data as a guide, the Redesign Assistant™ will make extracting feature parameters a breeze. For example, on the edge of a part the Redesign Assistant will be able to extract the correct radius on a corner. It can also find the center of a pipe, the center of a circle, the center axis of a cylinder or cone, the profile of an object and more.

Accuracy Analyzer™
The Accuracy Analyzer tool shows users real time deviation analysis results to compare the new model to the original scan data. This ensures the accuracy of the final model while saving modeling time by integrating the inspection tool within the model creation process.

The liveTransfer feature will facilitate transferring data from Pixform Pro II to popular parametric software such as SolidWorks™, UGS NX™, or Pro/Engineer Wildfire™. No need to save files and then import them into your design software. Using the liveTransfer™ feature, users can transfer their parametric data directly to their design software.

Quick Start Guide
To help new users transition into Pixform Pro II quickly and easily, a handy Quick Start Guide has been built into the software. This quick start guide will allow you to choose from different types of samples and different processes to aid in the early stages of the software. The quick start guide will walk you through the process of creating complete 3D models, teaching you along the way and showing you how easy it really is.