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Non Refundable Machine Deposit
PDI Machine Deposit
Retail Price: $500.00

Machine Deposit
This is for a machine deposit for the machine you want to purchase.

This deposit allows PDI3D to place the order for your system and reserve the next available system in line. This allows you to make the deposit now and not have the full expense of the product until it is ready to ship or your financing is finalized.

You should only place this order if you are 100% committed to follow through on the system purchase. PDI3D's order with the manufacturer is a firm order and is not able to be canceled. Therefore you order will not be able to be canceled. If you do cancel the order you forfeit the deposit. This deposit is non-refundable.

Special Case Refundable Deposit
There are special cases where the sales person you are working with will give you the ability to cancel an order and receive a refund for the deposit. This is usually a situation for used/demo equipment that might need to be prepared. Not new equipment. If that is the case then those terms over ride the non refundable terms above

Any questions contact sales@pdi3d.com