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PDI MDX-540 T-Slot Mounting Accessory
PDI Roland MDX-540 T-Slot Mounting Accessory

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NEW T-Slot Mounting Accessory
The MDX-540 does not come with any kind of mounting system to mount vices or material on the table. The table has a grid pattern of 8mm holes but there are no commercially available vices or fixturing that match the hole system. We normally use double sided tape to hold material down, but if you want to mount and hold a piece of hard material or a vice then you either buy the T-Slot table or make some kind of fixture yourself. Some clients opt to upgrade to the T-Slot table. That works great but it is expensive and basically renders the original table obsolete. With the T-Slot Mounting Accessory you get the best of both worlds you can use your original table and add the T-Slot Mounting Accessory to hold material and mount vices or other fixtures to you table.

Installation: 5 Min
The T-Slots mounting accessory takes about 5 minutes to install.