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Roland MDX-540 Rolling Table
PDI Roland MDX-540 Rolling Table

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MDX-540 Rolling Table
Our customers time and time again have come to us for a recommendation on where to buy a table for the machine. So we decided to have one custom built to solve the problem. The machine and cover is over sized for most tables. Which means you can not just go down to the local store and buy a table. The MDX-540 Rolling Table is built to fit the machine, cover, weight, and dynamic motions that the machine produces while cutting. This table is 44" x 44" and has square tube legs. The table in the picture is the first version. We now orient the legs so the underneath has complete access. We also have a cross member at the bottom of the legs to give the legs extra support for the dynamics of the machine.

Locking Casters
We have locking casters added to the table so it is easy to move the machine around if needed. The casters have locks so you can lock the table once you have it set in the correct location. With the wheels locked the dynamic motion of the machine will not be able to move it around. Once the cover is installed you will not be able to pickup the machine and cover together. The casters allow you to roll the machine away from the wall while assembling the cover and to get into the back of the machine at a later date.

Extra Area
There is area around the machine and in front to lay tools if needed. We also extended the sides so we can add our touch screen monitor arm (we have a new option for a touch screen and arm coming soon). The machine and cover itself sit inside and over the actual structure of the table so it is well supported.

High Quality
The table has a rating of 5000lbs, we have learned for past experience that the dynamic motions of the machine wear on normal tables. The machine changes direction every couple of seconds while cutting, and this motion can slowly tear a wooden table apart. . This table is welded together and is made of steel. We did our best to match the colors of the machine with the standard colors offered by the manufacture. The top is black laminate and the legs are grey. Overall the table matches the machine and offers a professional look.

Expect to spend about 15 minutes assembling the table. If you purchased install and training with your system our application engineer that comes onsite will help you assemble the cover. The instructions are clear and concise and you only need an adjustable wrench.

The table ships in a flat box. The box is about 48" x 48" and about 6 inches tall. It normally comes via freight on a pallet. It is drop shipped directly from the custom manufacture.

We can have additional tables of different sizes or colors built for you in the event that you are outfitting an entire room or lab so everything matches. There is a lot of different options that can be added to the tables like drawers, powerstrips, pull out keyboard drawers. Contact if you would like to explore these other options.

This table can be supplied in stainless steel.